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Overview of The Total Marketing Solution for Small Businesses

The Total Marketing Solution for Small Businesses begins with a trustworthy website that has quality content and leveraged SEO, but is not complete without anticipating your customer’s journey with social media engagement, reputation management, and email marketing. Once you’ve mastered that, your search and social paid advertisement will capture customers who are searching with the intent to buy.

Across all of the small businesses I have seen, it is very rare for any to have a perfect or even fully functional marketing system. GreatBiz gets it — when you’re focused on creating the best product or service for your community, you don’t have time to be a pro marketer too. The good news is that there is always room for improvement. The Total Marketing Solution for Small Businesses contains the 7 critical elements that are must-haves for marketing in a small business. Oftentimes, these core elements often are applied haphazardly or out of order. Let’s put them into place.

The Total Marketing Solution (TMS) is designed to be implemented in order, starting from:

  1. A Website: Without a website, it would be nonsense to use paid ads to drive traffic – where would the traffic go? 
  2. Content: Once you’ve created a landing page, does your website clearly convey your business’ services and core values? 
  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Without SEO, how will customers find your site and sign up for a call to action? 
  4. Social Media Engagement: Your social media profile creates an opportunity to drive home the human element of your business. Is your Facebook page active and engaged with your local community? Does your Instagram showcase a portfolio of your hard work?
  5. Reputation Management: The reviews your customers leave can build the foundation for potential clients. Are you building brand trust by utilizing your testimonials to their utmost potential?
  6. Email Marketing: Email marketing can be used as an effective and versatile tool in any marketing plan. Do you want to follow up with a potential sale with a reminder about an item that was abandoned in their cart? Or do you want to give your faithful customers a sneak peek at an upcoming event? 
  7. Search & Social Paid Advertising: Paid advertising might seem like a gauntlet; how do you navigate terms, such as Short and Long-Tail Keywords or decide how much you want to Pay Per Click, what about just setting up Google AdWords? Just remember; this is your opportunity to convert prospects who are already searching into sales (and gain some insights about their behavior too!).

The basis for this system lies with strategy. Being clear on your marketing playbook from the get-go will inform your decisions so they positively impact your future growth. While this system is the core for marketing in a small business, the implementation will vary from case to case. Curious about how strategy can inform your marketing plan? Book a call with us for a free strategy session.

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