GreatBiz Media

Joel OBrien

Marketing Strategist

Get to know Joel
  • Favorite Food: Sushi

  • One Thing I Can’t Live Without Every Day: Coffee and a good candle

  • One Thing I Love About Marketing: The relief that comes with systemized, strategized marketing.

  • What Superpower Would I Have: Flight, for sure.

  • One Thing People At My Last Company Would Remember About Me: I am persistent in achieving goals.

  • Putting all of the moving pieces within a system.
  • Facebook Ads: how to quickly (and cheaply) launch, test, and scale campaigns

  • Email Follow-up Campaigns: Plan and create a follow-up campaign to help you win back customers and increase overall engagement.

  • Measuring metrics per desired results and reporting on that data.


Joel is passionate about performance-driven marketing, innovation and business growth, and empowering business owners to grow and succeed.

Joel currently serves as our resident Marketing Strategist to give our clients strategies that are designed to drive more revenue. When he’s not at his computer, you can usually find him rock climbing, flying drones, or shooting amazing photography.

The answer is “no” if you don’t ask, so you might as well shoot for a “yes”.

Joel has a creative degree in filmmaking and a career emphasis in Marketing. He has been working in the industry since 2019. He loves growing companies with profit-driven marketing and building lasting relationships with his clients.